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These is our Aims

I first realized that the RSPCA are not that honest, quite some time ago. so I thought I have better try and prove my allegations.

So I decided to help victims by looking at the court paperwork and then try and find the faults and mistakes within.

My First person was Margaret and her husband who had been victims of a Police and RSPCA break in of their home, 

this was they were both at work. The RSPCA planned to break in to seize their adorable Irish Setter I noticed the errors.

I told her solicitor that there had been an illegal entry under AWA Sec 19, but he chose not to take any notice of me, so me being me, got out my file out of the full download of the AWA and its passage through Parliament, where the MP's first thought was they wanted the RSPCA to have nothing to do with the new law, they were going to put on the statute book.